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The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare is a welcoming, relaxing and friendly place whose aim is to integrate orthodox and complementary medical approaches to empower people to take control of their own health.

We offer a wide range of treatments including nutrition, acupuncture, counselling, massage, osteopathy, reflexology and more....There are also a wide range of exercise classes which include yoga, pilates and dance.

You can join in with regular workshops and seminars and healthy cookery classes for both children and adults.

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 Living Well With Cancer - Penny Brohn Cancer Care

Penny Brohn offer help through information and advice on healthy eating and gentle exercise, self-help techniques including meditation and relaxation to reduce stress and regain a sense of control.

Working alongside medical treatment, their complementary whole-person approach aims to give you the practical tools necessary to help manage the impact of cancer and improve your quality of life.

Penny Brohn welcome supporters of those living with cancer, recognising that cancer may also have an impact on families, carers and other close supporters.

There is no charge for the Living Well Course. 

The Course held at The Bagnall Centre will be run over three consecutive days and will start at 10am and finish at 4pm each day on 24th – 26th March, 19th – 21st May, 15th – 17th September & 17th – 19th November 2014

The Course may help you:

  •     Manage stress through relaxation and simple breathing exercises
  •     Cope with emotional and psychological impact of caner and its treatment
  •     Find out how to prepare and enjoy healthy food
  •     Find a way to bring manageable exercise into your life
  •     Discuss the impact of a cancer diagnosis on relationships
  •     Consider how living with cancer affects our deepest values and beliefs
  •     Receive basic information on financial welfare

Call Penny Brohn on 01275 370100 or email info@pennybrohn.org to book

These are just a few words from people who have experienced the course at The Bagnall Centre:

“Really enjoyed meditation and relaxation”,  ”Very informative on all aspects – therapeutic and educational”,  ”Very motivational”,  ”Very motivational and good to meet like-minded people”,  ”Meeting the whole ME”,  ”Compassionate staff”,  “Non-Judgmental atmosphere”


Posted: Mar 14, 2014