Words of wisdom & food for thought


One of my favourite organic food producers is Riverford Organic in Devon, who have been growing organic fruit and vegetables since 1987.  

The Riverford box scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables locally to 30 friends in Devon.  They now deliver around 47,000 boxes a week to homes around the UK from their regional farms.

I have been a customer of theirs for many years and their organic produce is easily the best by miles (having tried other similar organic produce providers).

Having won the Observer Ethical Awards 2014 – Retailer of the Year for the fifth time - just one award out of many that they have won, Guy Watson said:

“We pride ourselves on being a fair-thinking business that makes considered decisions about how to do business with minimum impact on the environment and wider community.

Our policies include supporting small-scale British farmers and producers as much as possible, and never air-freighting produce from overseas.

We believe that good food should be available to everyone, and we’re delighted to have won such a prestigious award that shows you can do well in business without being unethical.”

In addition, he supports projects in Africa under the 'Send A Cow' project where customers have the option to donate as part of their online shop.  The project helps African families and orphans to grow their way out of poverty. Like us, they believe in good farming as the source of food, lives and communities.

Riverford have pledged to raise £75,000 over 3 years, with help from staff and customers, to fund Send a Cow’s Going Organic project in Uganda, to transform the lives of a rural community by helping them to produce food sustainably. 

Because Guy goes out there himself to meet the people he and his customers support, you can be sure that your money will actually reach the people it is intended for.

The project will directly help 70 households and benefit another 770 families, through farmers passing on their knowledge, skills, livestock offspring or seeds to others.

I would just like to share some words of wisdom from Guy Watson as he writes in their latest newsletter:

"Making a small change to organic can make a surprisingly large difference: If twenty families switch to organic milk, another cow will be free to range on clover rich organic pastures...

If two families switch to organic bacon, one more pig will keep its tail and stay with its mother for much longer...

And if one family switches to organic eggs, another hen would have access to grassland and not be at risk of painful beak trimming... 

Organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species - thats more birds, bees, butterflies, beetles, bats and wildflowers..."

And that's why I support and buy organic wherever I can....

FInd out more at: www.riverford.co.uk