Initial Consultation: £75 
Follow-up Consultations: £45

I offer a 3 month Comprehensive Follow-up Support Package for those Patients who feel that they might benefit from more regular contact and support from me.  Please ask for details at your Consultation if interested.

New for 2016

As many of my Clients lead extrememly busy lives, or may find it difficult to attend follow-up Consultations in person if they have young children or for any other reason, I am now offering Skype follow-up Consultations for Clients who have had their initial Consultation in person with me, at the reduced rate of £40. 

Initial Consultation fee includes:

  • A detailed analysis of your health questionnaire and diet diary.
  • An hour's (approx.) Consultation where more details will be taken and we will discuss your health issues or concerns along with your questionnaire results and your diet diary.
  • A comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your individual requirements which will be emailed to you following your Consultation including recipe suggestions and/or meal ideas if required.
  • A tailored supplement plan if necessary and/or test recommendations.
  • Handouts and factsheets with helpful advice and suggestions.
  • On-going email support between consultations.

Follow-up Consultation fee includes:

Discussion and evaluation of your progress which will be emailed to you following your Consultation, updating your initial Plan and outlining any changes we have made.

Please note: Nutritional Therapists usually advise a minimum of one follow-up in order to monitor progress and make any adjustments to the Nutrition plan if necessary.

Additional costs which are not included in the fee will be discussed and agreed at your Consultation if necessary:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Supplements

Payments to be made at the time of your Consultation.  Please see Terms and Conditions before booking a Consultation.